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By rachel steer, Dec 16 2016 11:00AM

Just over one week left until Christmas, I have had a great month carrying out a wide range of treatments, the 'Pick Me Up Pamper' has been popular in November and December, clients seem to be enjoying the combination of a Back Massage and Facial #best of both #massage #facial. The 'Me Time' Pamper with Hot Stones also seems to be a firm favourite especially with the colder weather, you cant beat the use of heat and warmth within a massage treatment for ultimate relaxation.

I expect the majority of you are now on countdown until the Christmas period, many of my clients are lucky enough to have time off over Christmas and New Year, whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy x

By rachel steer, Dec 10 2016 11:24AM

What a great week, I absolutely love December, its always so busy with clients and Gift Vouchers, however I have managed to find time this week to take part in a wreath making afternoon. I wouldnt say I was artistic but under the guidance of Hannah Burnett Florist I managed to create a wreath which wasnt half bad! The afternoon was held at the lovely Moorland Garden Hotel near Plymouth and they also provided a gorgeous afternoon tea. I often work at the hotel providing a range of Massage treatments to their guests http://www.moorlandgardenhotel.co.uk/pamper-treatments.

Feeling quite pleased, I have now hung my wreath outside the front door ready to greet all all my lovely clients throughout December.

By rachel steer, Nov 16 2016 03:00PM

Every year my husband asks me what I would like for Christmas and every year I tell him the same, I want the give of 'Wellbeing'. A Gift voucher for a massage, facial or reflexology treatment, I have no prefernce (they are all lovely) I enjoy the opportunity to have some time to myself, to relax and enjoy the immediate benefits of the treatment, but most of all I enjoy the feeling of Well-being the treatments can envoke.

If possible I try to maintain my wellbeing through out the year through the use of regular treatment sessions, however I know life often gets in the way. I try to remember it is important to look after my wellbeing, sure the jacket i saw in the shop window looks fantastic, however I want to feel fantastic this Christmas.....so when my husband asks me what i would like for Christmas this year......I will reply as always and maybe send him the link ;-) xx


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